5/6 Yamaha Live Sound Clinic – Mixing a Live Band

how to mix a live band

5/6 Yamaha Live Sound Clinic – Mixing a Live Band

John Schauer from Yamaha shows us how to use a mixer to setup a live band

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hey guys doing anybody you here not here what can’t hear and see these can okay if I’m playing and I’ll fix that as we play empty get in the ballpark here you know Gus here okay you sound alright you hear that can you hear what you need

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out of the drum monitor yeah okay now are you comfortable you’re hearing some of what this front wedge can give you all right so again if she’s going to be comfortable I’m not going to mess with her monitor there’s no sense putting another one up if she can hear off this no more keys okay no problem play the keys alone just the two keys I’ll tell you a little secret having her stop and play the keyboards alone she’ll always say she can hear better because there’s nothing else to bury it okay so I kind of played a trick just it’s another trick or something I love doing this it sounded better now yeah better very interesting let’s do that here but

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those are the pencil secret so I’m going to give just some stuff so I want you to try that again and this time play with everybody and listen and see if you don’t hear them better but you want to be comfortable listen if you’re playing on stage for you guys who are musicians you know that’s your pacifier man you don’t move that you don’t touch that you don’t change it that’s mine and when I come up on stage I don’t want to change it I don’t want it the middle the show to go dad and I’m like where am i and you’re lost you know and again we call them past pirates because you will not move from that spot when I get it right you know so it’s important it sound guys that we think that we got to make them as comfortable as they can be right there I don’t want you to think that your men your sounds going to change so when you walk offstage and they come on and they invite you back up that should sound exactly the same way as it did last night okay all right so now give that a try and this time listen and let me know if you’re here to welcome and maybe I’ll

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put a little keyboard for you back there see what do that helps any me too damn okay a little better I get it you a guitar that’s good all right let’s fix that player guitar key that’s because it’s not in any monitor no no I would explain a lot

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all right so I’m going to set it so that we didn’t get some I’m going to put it in this wedge first and it’s closest to you I’m going to just a little yeah okay and walk hard right then again a little more as your vocals sure yeah once we get to this point I’m just making minor adjustments and I can show anybody who wants to understand this a little better a view of the console it’s pretty easy to understand I have a mint for that wedge I have a mix for that flange and for the other two so it’s just a matter of bringing it up in that one place so you said you wanted a little more vocals from her if I go to her bubble and give you a touch more now you can run that again if you like you should be good to go

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Oh auntie meet you weh-weh you Oh meet you

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a little better get into please I walked up there I wanted to hear what she’s hearing I really want to hear what she’s hearing and second I want her to know I care what she’s here that’s probably more important than you go on up there you know what I mean it matters a lot that you’ll take the time to go check her out so while I was playing I didn’t hear any guitar back there in your wedge I put a little bit of her in your drum monitor so now you’ll hear a little more drummers tend to always get water was left they get a bath wedge or a blown-out or fur or whatever but you want to try to make them happy too because you know our part of the baby last time I checked in okay no drummer jokes where’s Michael hey easy he’s got

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a million you know how to tell in your stages level right drum drool runs out of both sides of the drum all right all right all right yeah exactly thank you go put my makeup right yeah all right so the only other thing I wanted to do is to try to get one of these effects going on your vocals I think once we get this dialed in to finish you up pretty well we’ve got a pretty good sound on stage and once I’ve done this the stage volume should stay the same and I want the comfortable play in this thing and I’m going to ask the drummer not play so loud I’ll turn you up we can make your ladder out here we can’t make you quieter that’s the big problem because in a church especially you’ll find that most people play a level two drum and they’ll do the same thing here on stage

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you’ll get everybody turn it up a little bit louder than the other guy in a little bit louder than the other guy and then pretty soon we fought that battle where it’s so loud on stage not only are you you can’t hear anything because it’s so loud number one in number two he’s worn out because he’s the physical player you guys got volume knocks he does it he’s just got to hit him harder you know so I won’t even comfortable to play quieter and pay more attention to the group and what’s more important to you you know looking good not being sweaty when you come up spin important stuff alright okay one thing you’ll put on vocals a little bit is reverb comedian will help thicken up the vocals a little bit on the overall a couple of tricks don’t ever let them hear the vocals with the reverb on while they’re down singer again it’s you know you don’t let the you know you don’t look behind the curtain you know turn the reverb off in between songs so that when

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they talk to the crowd it’s not with this thick reverb so if you want to go ahead and run your song one more time I’ll put some reverb on your vocals yes meet you well then

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