Ed Sheeran – Lighting Design, FoH Audio and PA Setup

Live Sound Mixing

Ed Sheeran ÷ Divide Tour 2018 • Lighting Design, FoH Audio and PA Setup:

EventElevator had the chance to meet the crew of Ed Sheeran at the tour stop in Munich’s Olympic Stadium.

Learn more about the entertainment technology, the live sound and the unique stage design from Mark Cunniffe.

÷ Touring Lighting Director Matt Jones introduces us to the secrets of the impressive lighting and production design by Mark Cunniffe.

÷ Production Manager and FoH Audio Engineer Chris Marsh explains details about his FoH sound techniques with his DiGiCo SD7 and outboard.

÷ System Engineer Charlie Albin explains the composition of the Meyer Sound PA and its special adaptation to the conditions at Olympic Stadium in Munich.