6/6 Yamaha Live Sound Clinic – Mixing a Live Band

how to mix a live band

6/6 Yamaha Live Sound Clinic – Mixing a Live Band

John Schauer from Yamaha shows us how to use a mixer to setup a live band

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how did that sound to you guys uh I still can hear E’s vocals now do you hear the Reverb oh oh yeah I do now okay I left it up so you’d hear it normally that’s where your hand should be at the end of the song pulling that down or there’s a mute switch on the console you can actually use a foot switch if you’re have to do it on stage sometimes you can turn it off and on yourself I’m sorry say again what you were saying oh no I canot hear en vocals okay and I cannot hear Kira and my all right I’m going to turn her wedge up just a little and I’m going to ask you to sing up a little bit and we might have to go back to using these microphones while this doesn’t go any closer she’s short yes sister

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another little trick another little trick if you had somebody shy is the Disney method make them put the microphone on their chin then you know it’s always in the same place and it always sounds the same and you don’t get any of this this this um you call that just a minute on mind is a terrible thing to waste um the when you get closer to the microphone the base is enhanced automatically proximity effect there you go thank you thank you checks in the mail okay so if I can get her to sing off axis of it we can still get plenty of level I’m hearing me real good real good

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okay and if you’re having trouble hearing there back off just a little just back just tou and again you might want to think about what she’s doing and get a sideways thing going you know I can help bring that up two things happen when we get the microphone closer to somebody there’s more energy so I can get a lot more gain or volume so I really like it that they’re eating these microps that’s the best thing going cuz there’s nothing wor than having somebody talking to you like this cuz you can’t get gain out of the system before it starts to ring and give you trouble if they’re up on them like this and they’re complaining they can’t hear it might be because she’s not singing loud enough so I got to get her comfortable to sing louder and and everybody out here is pulling for you so it’s all good I’m the one who’s the trouble here not you so give that a whirl and do what we said let’s try try that one more time okay

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not quite year since you went away was and meet you way all the way we down the year all the way all the way better yeah cool that’s how you do a sound check

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