Avid Digidesign SC48 Run through

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Avid Digidesign SC48 Run Through

In this video, Robert Smith covers the basics of the Digidesign Venue SC48.

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hi and welcome to no-brainer productions I’m Robert Smith today we’re going to take a look at some of the basic operations and benefits of the Digidesign venue SC 48 so taking a look at the board you’ll notice you have over here on the left side a area for inputs and then on the right hand side you have the outputs so taking a look over back over here at the inputs we have three banks of 16 totaling 48 we have 48 channels on this board you get to each Bank of the 48 over here by selecting Bank a B or C okay over here on the outputs we can scroll through the different types of outputs by selecting

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VCAs groups matrix’s hogs 9 through 16 hogs 1 through 8 I’m going to take it back to VCS one of the really cool benefits of the Digidesign venue at c48 is the ability to quickly and easily take a look at group membership so I want to see what’s in the drums group I want to get to the hi-hat really quickly so what I’m going to do is I’m going to double click the select button to see the group membership everything that belongs to this group the drums group the double click select and you’ll notice over here in the input section what we see now is everything that’s in the drums group we have kick snare snare bottom hi-hat Tom’s one through three and the overheads so here’s our hi-hat we can make our adjustment and now we

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want to get back to fader Bank a so I’m going to hit that once and we’re back so now I want to show you a neat feature that’s also available we can quickly and easily set the same reverb for all eight focal channels by by using the multi select function so the first thing we’re going to do we come over here take a look at my vocal vocal 3 there it is alright now we’re going to select the auxilary that carries the reverb so we’re going to come over here to send seven I’m going to click that you’ll notice on the digital sign venue SC 48 that’s the odd-numbered sins are indicated by a green light and the even

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ones are indicated by an amber light it’s going to go back to sin 7 which is our verb level okay now we’re going to select all our vocal channels so I’m going to come over here to multi select we’re going to push that and hold it and then we’re going to come and we’re going to select all the other vocal channels okay now we have vocal one through eight selected so when we go to do a function they will all work together so you’ll see they’re on vocal eight I’m moving up the send seven and you can see that that one encoder is now I’m controlling all of them and we could do that with any one of the eight encoders there that are part of that multi selected group of inputs so now

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they have the same reverb sent okay the next thing we’re going to take a look at is the Flex Channel the Flex channel is an amazing feature that the Digidesign venue at c48 provides it is extremely useful if we want quick access to any channel for example here we always want to have quick access to the pastor’s channel so what we’re going to do is we’re going to first of all select his channel and then we’re going to come over here to the Flex channel that’s this right here we’re going to double click select when we do that we lock him into place is locked into the Flex channel you can see his his name there is is now in red pastor so we can

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navigate elsewhere we can come over here we can go to a different Bank we can select the CD channel make a change there and when I look back over here you’ll notice a pastor is still locked into place on the Flex channel and we can make whatever changes we need to make be it an encoder or the fader or view unmute just like we would on any of the other input channels so thanks for tuning in to no-brainer productions I’m Robert Smith that’s basic operation of the Digidesign venue SC 48