Yamaha M7CL Console Overview

Mixing Console

Yamaha M7CL Console Overview:

Stitch Sink giving a tutorial on the Yamaha M7CL console

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[Music] all right input patch you select your channel so if you’re going to channel 9 hit the name brings up the patch then you select what channel you want to go to 9 so put one I’m not so now channel 9 there’s one bringing up your master fader now 9 is now one okay all right digital input patch bring this microphone in on 9 again hit 9 slot 1

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channel 8 hit OK you now have microphone questions so far any question we’re old now scoffs it’s Costin what’s next input sensitivity input sensitivity all right just cute channel one you can see the meter grab head amp and raise it to negative 18 right uncute make sure you on cue okay now EQ that’s gonna cute it here or over there here you can do it here or there okay either one since I’ve gotten I’ve got

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page one three-way right here so you I can do it [Music] [Music] alright alright EQ you can either EQ it on this touchscreen by hitting the EQ you can bring it up and you can use these controls for these or you can use these either way cool [Music] ah mother center nothing

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[Music] all right guitar [Music] EQ I wanted [Music] that makes is a fix fix pinch your wreck brings up your full rack if you want to change it just click on it click the picture choose whatever you want there you go those your Reaper Tom your delay ratio whatever you want close out of that you look right here it tells you affects three which is your third stereo fader bring that up to zero

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it says mix 15 so they just send to a guitar [Music] you can hear [Music] DC area you can get the DC a two ways you can hit the DC a faders and then the numbers right above them or from your home screen hit channel job and once you bring this up make sure which group you want and then just say and then just select and they are now all control

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that’s one fader that’s 40 selected them you went back to one through yeah I went back to page one through eight so these ain’t we work or you could still come here gotcha [Music] and if you want to change groups just change the group and select please the great things alive [Music] whatever [Music] all right new curves you can do it from here by clicking that or you’re out here it’s good a channel job [Music] exact same thing like which ones you want and number nine that’s a user select key

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[Music] go back to your main page channel link make sure your faders are all together I’m going to go crazy and then click channel link and you can now link all of them together [Music] now if you have a fader like this do not link them together I’ll do it Artie don’t link that was like matrix s you can be yeah make sure your input faders are up and then have lovely because the major extent is post-fader

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then you go to sins on fader select matrix one and then you decide what you want to get to [Music] and I get matrix too [Music] close out and to control the co2 matrix your players I wanted to and he gets around town [Music] five and six

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[Music] any questions okay stay [Laughter] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music]

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