FOH Engineer Garry Brown (Phish, Oysterhead)


In this video FOH Engineer Garry Brown (Phish, Trey Anastasio Band, Oysterhead) talks about his experience with the RMP-D8 Dante Mic Preamp as well as other Rupert Neve Designs gear on Phish’s Summer 2021 Tour.


When i started in this business 30 years ago I was on a Soundcraft Spirit Live. The first Soundcraft Spirit Live, not the second one. You know, 16 channel little console with, you know, four auxes, a stereo bus, and that was it. No VCAs nothing. And now I have a Yamaha Rivage PM10 and 112 channels of Rupert Neve preamp. My name is Garry Brown i’m the front of house engineer for Phish, Trey Anastasio, and Oysterhead. My first experience with Rupert Neve was basically the Master Buss Processor. It completed my mix. it’s something that has become a mainstay to my system. I have three Master Buss Processors; one is on the stereo bus, one is on the piano and one is on the drums. Four Shelfords, which are basically the four vocals – so Trey vocal, Paige vocal, Mike vocal, and Fishman vocal. And then a couple of Porticos. The RMP-D8, my first real try out with it on the Trey Anastasio solo acoustic tour,

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we switched some preamps out just to you know get some body and warmth you know back into what we were doing you know in some respects you know we haven’t looked back. Adding the the RMP-D8 has given me a different sound to the console; the Rivage is amazing sounding console. When we implemented you know 112 inputs of this into the Phish show, the Phish show became fuller, a bit punchier, I actually was able to run the show quieter and feel like I had more impact. I know that the band members, after we made the change, well the drummer was ecstatic. It’s a coloration, a tonal quality that to me is completely pleasing, you know, and makes me have to do less. I just want to thank the Rupert Neve team for the products they have designed. You know, for me, using them – the studio devices in the live world have basically made my job easier you know The Master Buss Processor completed my mix, the Shelford has made my vocal what I’m looking for, so – thank you.

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