Midas Heritage D Series

Heritage-D Midas

Midas was originally founded in London in 1970 by Jeff Byers and Charles Brooke. It is now part of ‘Music Tribe‘ which also makes Behringer, Cool Audio, Turbosound, TC Electronic and TC-Helicon, Tannoy, Klark Teknik, Lab.gruppen, and Aston Microphones.

In 2019 Midas announced the release of the Heritage D-Series. According to the specs, it features ’28 faders, 1152 inputs/outputs in total, with 144 flexible inputs, 96 flexible aux sends, left/right/mono, 24 dedicated matrix busses, two monitor busses, two solo busses, and 24 effects slots, with effects from TC and new emulations of classics built for the desk. It runs at 96kHz.’

A Legacy of Quality: The Midas Heritage D-Series in Context

Midas, a company synonymous with premium audio equipment, has long been a trusted name among sound professionals. Building upon a rich heritage of analog consoles, the Heritage D-Series represents their foray into the digital mixing realm, retaining the sonic warmth and build quality Midas is known for while embracing the flexibility and power of digital technology.

The D-Series comes in two primary configurations: the HD96-24 and the HD96-AIR. Both offer a robust feature set, with the HD96-24 catering to larger-scale productions with its fader bay companion (HD96-FB16), while the HD96-AIR provides a more compact and portable solution for smaller venues or mobile applications.

Technical Prowess: Exploring the Core Features

The Heritage D-Series boasts an impressive technical arsenal:

1. Mixing Power and Channel Capacity: Both the HD96-24 and HD96-AIR offer a staggering 144 simultaneous input channels, allowing for complex productions with numerous instruments and microphones. With this high channel count, engineers can manage large bands, choirs, orchestral arrangements, or intricate theatrical sound designs with ease.

2. Award-Winning Preamps: The D-Series retains a crucial element of the Midas legacy – its renowned preamplifiers. These preamps, acclaimed for their warmth and transparency, provide a solid foundation for capturing the true essence of any audio source. They deliver pristine audio quality, faithfully reproducing the nuances of each instrument or vocal performance.

3. High-Resolution Processing and Sampling Rate: The D-Series utilizes a powerful 96kHz sampling rate and 40-bit floating-point processing. This combination ensures exceptional audio clarity and detail, allowing for a transparent and natural sonic representation.

4. Flexible Routing and Signal Processing: The D-Series provides extensive routing options, enabling engineers to create complex signal paths and apply various effects to individual channels or groups. Onboard signal processing includes dynamics like compressors, gates, and limiters, as well as a wide range of EQ options for precise tonal sculpting.

5. Automated Mixing and Control: The D-Series features a comprehensive automation system, allowing engineers to save and recall mix settings for different sections of a performance or entire shows. This streamlines workflow and ensures consistent sound quality throughout the production.

6. Advanced Features for Modern Productions: The D-Series caters to the demands of contemporary live sound with features like a built-in real-time analyzer (RTA) for visual feedback on the frequency spectrum, a dedicated “Shout” mixer for clear communication with stage crew and performers, and the innovative “Channel AI” that analyzes an audio source and suggests gain staging, EQ, and compression settings.

7. User-Friendly Interface and Workflow: Despite its impressive feature set, the D-Series remains user-friendly. The intuitive interface, with a combination of high-resolution touchscreen and dedicated physical controls, allows for efficient navigation and parameter adjustments. The workflow is designed to be intuitive for both seasoned engineers and those transitioning from analog consoles.

Applications and Target Audience: Who Benefits from the Heritage D-Series?

The versatility of the Heritage D-Series makes it suitable for a wide range of live sound applications. Here’s a breakdown of some key scenarios where the D-Series shines:

1. Large-Scale Concerts and Festivals: With its high channel count, powerful processing, and robust build quality, the HD96-24 excels in handling complex productions associated with large-scale concerts and festivals.

2. Houses of Worship: The D-Series caters to the diverse needs of houses of worship, effortlessly managing bands, choirs, and theatrical performances with its intuitive interface and flexible signal routing.

3. Theaters and Live Events: The D-Series provides a powerful platform for theatrical productions, corporate events, and live presentations, offering pristine audio quality and a user-friendly experience for the sound engineer.

4. Rental Houses and Touring Professionals: The D-Series’ versatility and robust design make it a valuable asset for rental houses and touring sound professionals, catering to the demands of a variety of live productions.

5. Studios and Recording Applications:

While primarily designed for live sound, the D-Series can also be a valuable tool in studio applications. Its high-resolution processing and pristine preamps make it suitable for capturing high-quality recordings. Additionally, the flexible routing and onboard effects can be useful for creative sound sculpting during the recording process.

Beyond the Specs: The Midas Heritage D-Series Experience

The D-Series offers more than just impressive technical specifications. It delivers a unique user experience that prioritizes sonic excellence and workflow efficiency. Here are some additional aspects to consider:

  • The Midas Sound: The D-Series retains the signature warmth and clarity associated with Midas consoles. This sonic characteristic translates beautifully to live mixes, delivering a captivating and engaging listening experience for the audience.
  • Build Quality and Reliability: Midas is renowned for its robust and reliable equipment. The D-Series is no exception, featuring a durable construction that can withstand the rigors of demanding live productions.
  • Future-Proof Design: The D-Series is designed with future developments in mind. Its modular architecture allows for potential hardware and software upgrades, ensuring the console remains relevant as technology evolves.

Conclusion: A Powerful Tool for Discerning Sound Professionals

The Midas Heritage D-Series represents a compelling proposition for live sound professionals seeking a powerful, versatile, and user-friendly digital mixing console. Its combination of high-quality preamps, robust processing, and extensive feature set caters to a wide range of live production scenarios. Whether managing large-scale concerts, theatrical productions, or intricate studio recordings, the D-Series empowers engineers to deliver exceptional sonic experiences for audiences and artists alike.

Ultimately, the decision to invest in the D-Series comes down to individual needs and budget considerations. However, for sound professionals who value sonic excellence, intuitive operation, and a future-proof design, the D-Series is a formidable contender in the competitive world of digital mixing consoles. By offering a blend of cutting-edge technology and the legendary Midas sound, the D-Series empowers sound professionals to take their craft to the next level.

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