Midas Heritage D Series

Heritage-D Midas

Midas was originally founded in London in 1970 by Jeff Byers and Charles Brooke. It is now part of ‘Music Tribe‘ which also makes Behringer, Cool Audio, Turbosound, TC Electronic and TC-Helicon, Tannoy, Klark Teknik, Lab.gruppen, and Aston Microphones.

In 2019 Midas announced the release of the Heritage D-Series. According to the specs, it features ’28 faders, 1152 inputs/outputs in total, with 144 flexible inputs, 96 flexible aux sends, left/right/mono, 24 dedicated matrix busses, two monitor busses, two solo busses, and 24 effects slots, with effects from TC and new emulations of classics built for the desk. It runs at 96kHz.’

Midas Heritage-D HD96 In depth video