The Basics of How to EQ


The Basics of How to EQ

This tutorial will teach you the fundamentals of EQ or Equalization using the Parametric EQ 2 in FL Studio 12, and how to EQ, carve or shape any instrument or sound to your liking. This knowledge can be transferred to just about any equalizer in any DAW (Digital Audio Workstation).

– Introduction to Frequencies

– What is the Frequency Spectrum?

– Where Sounds or Instruments Live in the Frequency Spectrum

– Example #1: Kick Drum

Example #2: Clap

– Example #3: Hi-hat

– Example #4: Bassline

– Example #5: Pluck

– What is EQ or Equalization?

– Uses of EQ

– Compression Tutorial

– Fruity Parametric EQ 2 – 7 Band Equalizer

– What are Bands?

– Band Properties

– Frequency


– Shape/Type

– (Breasts)

Bandwidth, Resonance or “Q”

– Order (Steep vs. Gentle)

– Recap of Band Properties

– EQ is an ART!

– EQ Example

– Targeting and Cutting a Resonating Frequency

A/B Compare

– Low Cutting Frequencies

– Make-up Gain

– Practice, practice, practice!