How to play Roslyn by Bon Iver on Ukulele

bon iver roslyn ukulele

In 2009 Bon Iver collaborated with American singer/songwriter St Vincent, releasing the song “Roslyn’ as part of the ‘The Twilight Saga: New Moon’ Soundtrack. It sounds amazing on Ukulele (Uke), so we thought we’d help you out and show you how to play it.

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Roslyn by Bon Iver and St Vincent

Intro: Gb-Ab-Gb-Ab-Db-Gb

up with your turret
                      Db  Gb-Db-Gb
aren't we just terrified?

shale, screen your worry
                          Db  Gb-Db-Gb
from what you won't ever find

Db                 Ebm7
don't let it fool you
Db                 Ebm7 Bbm Db
don't let it fool you  down

dancing around, 
               G      Gb
folds in her gown

sea and the rock below
                    Db Gb-Db-Gb
cocked to the undertow

bones, blood and teeth erode
                       Db  Gb-Db-Gb 
they will be crashing low

Db                   Ebm7
wings wouldn't help you
Db                  Ebm7  Bbm Db
wings wouldn't help you down 

down towards the ground
             G     Gb
gravity smiled

you barely are blinkin'
                     Db Gb-Db-Gb
wagging your face around
Gb                               Db    Gb-Db-Gb
when'd this just become a mortal home?

Gb                                            Ebm7
won't, won't, won't, won't, won't let you talk me...
Gb                 Ebm7  Bbm Db
won't let you talk me, down

we'll pull it taut,
             G.     Gb-Ab-Gb-Ab-Db.
nothing let out  

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