How to Play East Bound and Down on Banjo


In this video, Jim Pankey shows us how to play the East Bound and Down, the iconic song written by Jerry Reed and Deena Kaye Rose. It came to fame as it was recorded for and featured in the film Smokey and the Bandit. The song spent 16 weeks in the US Country Charts

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Video text:

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all right eastbound and down it’s a standard G tuning somewhere they’re close and the intro the intro and the chorus part or the second part of real cinema really the intro starts on the E minor with a hammer and it’s alternating roles of four to five one three five and then it’s just a creek roll and then C chord same thing just holding a sequel and then we’re gonna hold a seven chord hold it any way you want it’s a second fret second fret second fret we’re leaving the third string open so it sounds so it’s just same thing but you want a hammer

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and then this just select kind of out of old Joe Clark so it’s a four with a hammer five and there’s a one-to-one five going to pull off on the warm blow off on the three so that intro so far we go [Music] and that your intro the song part starts with slides just like her hurry d-minor is fine and then it goes to f4 in Reverse Secor forward in

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reverse and then it’s that old Joe Clark or the little hammer like we just did [Music] and then crumpled Creek stuff you can do slides you can do slides belong slide three and then a minor ball 4 2 1 3 2 1 then F chord forward in reverse and then it’s any old G tag I’ll do here we’re just going to do a standard one that hit your phone with a pinch one two three one with a pull off on the three and then some other juillet more Phil five three one five three one and that

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gets you through up to Smokies got his ears on and then yeah Smokies got his ears on which is it just like the just like the first part see cool then it goes to an a chord I like to use just instead of using that a here this time I like to use a a note on the third string and then the first string second fret so it’s so it’s just forward and reverse and then slide it up to fourth fret which would be a big still fold in reverse and then e minor slide up to that B again at the fourth fret and then back you might see corn

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now this time I’m gonna hold that [Music] then slide up to the beach and so all I did there was three and then pinch the first two strings now we’re going to walk up for the last part it’s just like Foggy Mountain breakdown so we’re gonna walk though that’s just one and two together hurry with a pull off and they’re gonna slide that’s just from three to five on the fourth string with just forward roll then two slides [Music] and then and then to the F chord C chord

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again and then that’ll Joe Clark lick or just a stage [Music] and then F and then a standard G tag and the one we’re gonna do is one we just did so all of that together and then we’ll slap an ending on it so here is from the intro [Music] Oh

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[Music] Oh Oh Oh Oh and so any ending that you want to put on it

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seems like on the recording the ending is a little longer so Oh so after the tag switch [Music]

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