How To EQ All Instruments and Your Mixes

How To EQ

How To EQ All Instruments and Your Mixes

Secrets of How The Pros Use EQ – Parametric, Graphic and Filters on All Instruments.

Where The Sweet Spots Are On All Instruments.

In this video I will show you how all types of Equalizers.

The great Boost and Cut sweet spots of all the Individual Drums, Bass, Guitars, Piano, Organ and Strings.

I discuss all my favorite Analog and Digital EQ’s: Neve 1073,1066,1084 and 1081 API 550A, 550B, 560 Pultec EQP- 1A, MEQ5 GML 8200 Electrodyne 511, Quad Eight 310 Trident A-Range Helios Type 69 SSL E and G Series EQ

Digital EQ’s: MCDSP Filter Bank E606, F202,P606 Metric Halo Channel Strip Waves – Q10, Scheps 73, Renaissance EQ, SSL, API, V-EQ4, H-EQ Hybrid Universal Audio – Cambridge EQ, Pultec, Neve, Helios, Harrison, Neve 31102, Trident SoundToys – Filter Freak FabFilter Pro Q2