What is a Kora?

April 12, 2023 Michael Snow 0

The kora is a unique and fascinating musical instrument that is native to West Africa. It is a stringed instrument that is often referred to […]


What is a Tam-Tam?

April 11, 2023 Simon Crome 0

The tam-tam is a percussion instrument that has been used in music and other cultural practices around the world for centuries. Its distinctive sound and […]


What is a Cuica?

April 11, 2023 Shannon Webster 0

Cuica is a traditional Brazilian percussion instrument that has gained popularity around the world for its unique and distinctive sound. Also known as a “friction […]


What is a Zurna?

April 8, 2023 Shannon Webster 0

Music is an essential part of human culture, and every region of the world has its own unique musical traditions. From the bagpipes of Scotland […]