10 TV Shows that Featured the Ukulele

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The ukulele has become an increasingly popular instrument in recent years, with its cheerful sound and portable size making it a favorite among musicians and music lovers alike. Many TV shows have recognized the charm of the ukulele and have incorporated it into their storylines, with some even featuring entire musical episodes. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of 10 TV shows that have showcased the ukulele in one way or another, from comedies to dramas to animated series.

10 TV Shows that Featured the Ukulele

  1. Steven Universe – The ukulele is featured in several songs throughout the show’s run, including “Be Wherever You Are” and “Peace and Love on the Planet Earth.”
  2. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend – In the episode “Josh’s Ex-Girlfriend is Crazy,” Rebecca (Rachel Bloom) plays the ukulele in a song called “I Give Good Parent.”
  3. Scrubs – The ukulele is prominently featured in the episode “My Musical,” which is a full-on musical episode where the cast sings and dances to original songs.
  4. Adventure Time – In the episode “The Music Hole,” the character Marceline plays a ukulele and sings a song called “Everything Stays.”
  5. The Good Place – In the episode “The Ballad of Donkey Doug,” the character Jason (Manny Jacinto) plays a ukulele and sings a song about his friend’s life of crime.
  6. The Simpsons – In the episode “Homer’s Barbershop Quartet,” Homer and his friends form a barbershop quartet and perform a song called “Baby on Board,” which features a ukulele.
  7. The Office (US) – In the episode “The Banker,” the character Andy (Ed Helms) plays a ukulele and sings a song for the office staff.
  8. Glee – In the episode “A Night of Neglect,” the character Tina (Jenna Ushkowitz) plays the ukulele and sings a version of “I Follow Rivers” by Lykke Li.
  9. Portlandia – The ukulele is featured in several sketches throughout the show’s run, including “Dream of the 1890s” and “One Moore Episode.”
  10. How I Met Your Mother – In the episode “The Sexless Innkeeper,” the character Marshall (Jason Segel) plays a ukulele and sings a song about his relationship with his wife.


The ukulele has proven to be a versatile and entertaining addition to many TV shows over the years, whether it’s used to convey heartfelt emotion or to provide a lighthearted moment of comedy. Its popularity in pop culture has helped to bring attention to the instrument and its unique sound, inspiring more people to pick up a ukulele and give it a try. So whether you’re a fan of musical TV shows or simply looking for a new instrument to learn, consider the ukulele as your next musical adventure.

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