Are Ghost About To Release New Music?


There have been rumors circulating for weeks that Ghost, the Swedish rock band, might release a new song sometime this year, just before their upcoming festival run and US tour.

On April 9th, Ghost announced that a new EP from the band was about to be released. It is believed that the EP will be 5 cover songs, entitled ‘Phantomime’, and it will feature an Egyptian-themed cover and may include the following tracks:

1. See No Evil
2. Jesus He Knows Me
3. Hanging Around
4. Phantom of The Opera
5. We Don’t Need Another Hero

According to their website: Ghost’s new Phantomime EP is a devilish debut of 5 incorrigible covers. It is out everywhere May 18th and available for pre-order here:

Watch the video for “Jesus He Knows Me” directed by Alex Ross Perry

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