Bass Scales

Bass scales

Learning Bass scales is not only a vital way to learn the instrument, but also sets you up for a lifetime of playing. Practicing scales also vastly improves your finger dexterity, as well as helping you develop an ear for different tones. Bass scales are the corner stone for playing and writing solos as well as improvising. This article covers major, natural minor, harmonic minor, melodic minor, major pentatonic, minor pentatonic and blues scales.

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Bass Scales

Scale TypeScales
Major ScaleC Major C-sharp Major D-Flat Major D Major E-Flat Major E Major F Major F-sharp Major G-Flat Major G Major A-Flat Major A Major B-Flat Major B Major
Natural Minor ScaleC Natural Minor C-sharp Natural Minor D Natural Minor D-sharp Natural Minor E-Flat Natural Minor E Natural Minor F Natural Minor F-sharp Natural Minor G Natural Minor G-sharp Natural Minor A Natural Minor B-Flat Natural Minor B Natural Minor
Harmonic Minor ScaleC Harmonic Minor C-sharp Harmonic Minor D Harmonic Minor D-sharp Harmonic Minor E-Flat Harmonic Minor E Harmonic Minor F Harmonic Minor F-sharp Harmonic Minor G Harmonic Minor G-sharp Harmonic Minor A Harmonic Minor B-Flat Harmonic Minor B Harmonic Minor
Melodic Minor ScaleC Melodic Minor C-Sharp Melodic Minor D Melodic Minor D-sharp Melodic Minor E-Flat Melodic Minor E Melodic Minor F Melodic Minor F-Sharp Melodic Minor G Melodic Minor G-sharp Melodic Minor A Melodic Minor B-Flat Melodic Minor B Melodic Minor
Major Pentatonic ScaleC Major Pentatonic C-sharp Major Pentatonic D-Flat Major Pentatonic D Major Pentatonic E-Flat Major Pentatonic E Major Pentatonic F Major Pentatonic F-sharp Major Pentatonic G-Flat Major Pentatonic G Major Pentatonic A-Flat Major Pentatonic A Major Pentatonic B-Flat Major Pentatonic B Major Pentatonic
Minor Pentatonic ScaleC Minor Pentatonic C-sharp Minor Pentatonic D Minor Pentatonic D-Sharp Minor Pentatonic E-Flat Minor Pentatonic E Minor Pentatonic F Minor Pentatonic F-sharp Minor Pentatonic G Minor Pentatonic G-Sharp Minor Pentatonic A Minor Pentatonic B-Flat Minor Pentatonic B Minor Pentatonic
Blues ScaleC Blues C-sharp Blues D Blues D-Sharp Blues E-Flat Blues E Blues F Blues F-sharp Blues G Blues G-Sharp Blues A Blues B-Flat Blues B Blues

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