Bass strings and Violin strings in slow motion

slow motion strings

Bass strings and Violin strings in slow motion:

This video shows the Helmholtz corner traveling back and forth along the string.

Helmholtz Corner

The Helmholtz corner, also known as a Helmholtz resonator, is a type of acoustic device named after the German physicist Hermann von Helmholtz. It consists of a hollow cavity or container with a small neck or opening. The purpose of the Helmholtz corner is to selectively absorb or resonate certain frequencies of sound.

When sound waves enter the cavity through the neck, they bounce back and forth, creating a resonance effect. The size and shape of the cavity, as well as the size of the neck, determine the specific frequency at which the resonance occurs. The Helmholtz corner acts as a frequency-specific filter, absorbing or attenuating sound waves that match its resonant frequency while allowing other frequencies to pass through.

Helmholtz corners are used in various applications, including musical instruments, architectural acoustics, and engineering. In musical instruments like some wind instruments, the Helmholtz corner enhances specific harmonics or tones, contributing to the instrument’s characteristic sound. In architectural acoustics, Helmholtz corners can be strategically placed to absorb or reduce certain frequencies, improving the overall acoustic properties of a space.

In engineering, Helmholtz corners are utilized in mufflers or exhaust systems to attenuate specific frequencies of engine noise. By tuning the size and shape of the cavity, the Helmholtz corner can effectively reduce the noise level at the resonant frequency, enhancing the overall sound attenuation performance.

Overall, the Helmholtz corner is a device that exploits the principles of resonance to selectively control or absorb specific frequencies of sound, making it a valuable tool in various fields where sound management and control are essential.

The strings of an Overwater bass guitar filmed in slow-motion by a Photron SA-X2 camera.

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