Difference between Sound Stage and Rehearsal Space


You might have heard the terms ‘Sound Stage’ and ‘Rehearsal Space’ being used a lot in the music world, but many people don’t know the difference.

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Sound Stage

A sound stage is usually a soundproofed building or room with large enough doors and high enough ceilings to allow it to me morphed and used for many different spatial needs. They are usually used in the production of film and television but also for music videos. The sound proofing allows for the audio to be recorded at the same time as the visual aspect. This is called ‘production sound’.
It is important that the stage is completely sonically isolated from the outside, so that, for example passing ambulances, helicopters, or police sirens are not picked up in the audio recording

Rehearsal Space

A rehearsal space is usually used for music, such as a live band. It is usually a room or number of rooms that may also have a studio attached for recording. Most rehearsal spaces are somewhat sound proofed, depending on the budget of the space, so that the sound is not only contained but also doesn’t reflect in unwanted ways. This is also called sound treatment and acoustics.

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