Glow Sticks and Music

glow stick

A glow stick, which may also known as a light stick, and rave light, is a self-contained, short-term light-source. They usually come in a transparent tube containing 2 elements, which when combined, let off a non stoppable luminescent glow. While chemiluminescence was invented in the early 1970’s it wasn’t until more recently that their us really expanded. You can buy glow sticks individually, or you can buy Glow Sticks in Bulk.


Glowsticking is the use of glow sticks while dancing. A recent youtube phenomena has resulted in thousands of people, especially children, uploading their glow stick dances for everyone to enjoy.
Adults also enjoy the use of glow sticks, especially in dance clubs, raves, music festivals and concerts. While there is some heated discussion about the environmental effects of the plastic and chemical waste, it hasn’t really stopped the movement.
Glow sticks are also commonly used in the creation of special effects in photography and film.


It should be noted that glow sticks are also widely used in outdoor recreation, not only to create light but to also be a useful marker in, for example, scuba diving.

Glow Stick History in Music

1971 Glow Stick War:

You probably won’t realize that glow sticks really began as a tactical innovation an extremely quite a while in the past, yet people in general didn’t get to be familiar with these mind boggling creations until the 1970’s.

In Connecticut in New Haven, at a setting called the Yale Bowl, a Grateful Dead fan chose to make this gig ‘lit’ in a manner no other gig had at any point been. The fan ended up working in an industrial facility that polished off the get together of glow sticks, for an American organization. He put away a great many sticks at his home over the mid year, and the evening of the gig, got 6 of his companions together, and everyone stacked up rucksacks with the shine sticks.

They battled to fend the sticks off until the gig began, yet figured out how to hold on until a couple of melodies into the Grateful Dead playing. You can figure out the style of the band on a genuine recording of the band at the gig here. They then, at that point, began giving sticks out and advising individuals to break it, stir it-up and toss it. This caused totally bedlam and shock as a great many people had never at any point seen a glow stick, including the band.

Before long, the sheer insane sight of gleam sticks zooming around made the gig tumble to a total halt. Not long after the craze had faded away, the band began playing again however this time with gleam sticks close by. Jerry Garcia was known to say “I don’t have the foggiest idea what these are, however they’re pretty f cool.” as he held some up to the group.

Phish 1997:

In 1997, at Great Went Phish Festival there was one shocking, epic and extraordinary event that got that specific celebrations place in the set of experiences books, and that is the incredibly popular glow stick war that happened all through the Harry Hood set.

Glow sticks and glow rings have forever been a piece of Phish occasions from the beginning of time, however this was by a wide margin the most unimaginable exhibition that had happened up to this point. As the band sunk into a spontaneous creation part of their set, they mentioned the lights go out so everybody could partake in the moon and the consuming figure at the celebration.

With the twilight shining down on the group, one fan chose to toss a glow stick, as did one more and again, until in the long run the whole sky was loaded up with great many glow sticks zooming around.


Coldplay’s Xyloband wristbands, which they have been utilizing beginning around 2012, figured out how to make an extremely sloppy Glastonbury last year into an exceptionally delightful one.

During his set, the wrist groups play sparkle either red, yellow or blue all synchronized with the timing and music set by the band, so everyone wearing one will be important for the show.

The wristbands resemble a development on lighters which were typically lit during Coldplay anthems, with thousands in the group waving them to participate. Nowadays, smoking is especially on the exit plan and many individuals don’t have a lighter on them any longer, and as you can barely wave an e-cigarette around for enhanced visualization, the band made Xylobands so the group could keep on participating and appreciate being essential for their set.

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