Guitar Chord Charts

guitar chord chart

Whether you are a beginner, an intermediate player or an expert, it’s always handy to have chord charts to refer to.

Guitar Chord Charts

There are many options online such as the 48in (120cm) x 36in (90cm) Creative Guitar Poster or even a cheap kindle version to carry with you everywhere, such as Your First 132 Guitar Chords: Chord Charts.

These charts may be fairly simple and just show you your first 10 beginner chords to learn, or may show you every Major, Minor, Sixth, Seventh, Ninth, Minor Sixth, Minor Seventh, Major Seventh, Diminished, Augmented and Suspended chord.

We all know you can play hundreds of pop songs with just a few chords, such as A, D and E, but imagine what you can do when you learn the chords that unleash your ability to play along with your favorite artists, no matter what the genre: jazz, blues, rock, pop, metal, country etc

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Learn how to “Transition Between Diatonic Neighbor Chords


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