How to See a Soundwave

bass strings

This roller lets you see the sound waves on bass strings. Check out the video, below (originally posted on reddit by u/Fafafohigh)

It’s amazing to be able to visualize sound waves as they travel through air. Another excellent example was filmed at a concert by Japanese band “Glay” at their “Glay Expo 99” show. Click here to see the video of sound waves traveling through their massive crowd.

Learn more in the book “The Audio Expert

Watch the incredible timelapse video of Rammstein’s stage being built.

Wikipedia defines Acoustic (Sound) Waves as:
Acoustic waves are a type of energy propagation through a medium by means of adiabatic compression and decompression. Important quantities for describing acoustic waves are acoustic pressure, particle velocity, particle displacement and acoustic intensity. Acoustic waves travel with a characteristic acoustic velocity that depends on the medium they’re passing through. Some examples of acoustic waves are audible sound from a speaker (waves traveling through air at the speed of sound), ground movement from an earthquake (waves traveling through the earth), or ultrasound used for medical imaging (waves traveling through the body).”