Smoking Marijuana and Listening to Music


Many people who use Marijuana talk of the enhanced experience when listening to music and we wrote about it in our article ‘Does Music Sound Better with Marijuana?‘.

Today we are exploring the best way to ingest the Marijuana. Some people have edibles, while others take it in pill form, powder form, Transdermal Patches, Vaping, Tinctures, or Topicals.

One of the most common ways, is with a Bong, which is also known as a water pipe. It is simply a filtration device. You can buy them individually in stores, or through Glass pipe wholesale Distributors.

Bongs are most commonly used because they give the user a smoothe experience, have better filtration, reduce mold and bacteria, and most importantly, they are fun.

Rolling Stone magazine gives a wonderful article describing the best bongs for 2022.

Bong versus Vaporizer-different high

Because of this totally unique strategy for warming the weed and getting the cannabinoids into your body, the impact you feel will while utilizing a vaporizer will be different with the impact of smoking a bong. Both a bong and a vaporizer are normally utilized for consuming unadulterated spices, without blending tobacco, so that doesn’t have an effect.

Anyway, what is the distinction essentially among bongs and vaporizers? While smoking a bong, you normally take a couple of successes and afterward you set it aside. The entirety of the weed (smoke) gets into your body rapidly. Contingent upon your style of vaporizer, this might possibly be something similar. A Volcano Vaporizer, for instance, has a major inflatable that fills itself with smoke, which you can then breathe in. This is like a bong, since you breathe in a ton of cannabinoids in a brief timeframe. However, numerous vaporizers are intended to be smoked more like a shisha (hookah) or a joint, giving you a couple of moments to take different draws before it stop itself. So by and large, a bong hits quicker and harder, on the grounds that you breathe in such a great amount in an extremely brief time frame.

Be that as it may, after it hits you, the impact will likewise be unique. In spite of the fact that you’re utilizing a similar substance, the different approach to getting it into your body would influence the impact on your care and body. Whenever you consume (great) weed in a bong, it frequently feels extremely overpowering and you get a high that can be to some degree clear, yet it most cases it will feel weighty and unforgiving. A vaporizer gives you an altogether different inclination: regardless of whether you are smoking (or vaping, really) high grade pot, the impact is in many cases substantially more clear, less weighty (albeit still exceptionally viable) and less overpowering. This could be made sense of somewhat by the way that terpenes stay considerably more in one piece when you vape your weed as opposed to smoking, and ongoing investigations have shown that additionally the terpenes (the things that give your weed its taste and smell) can influence the high.

Benefits of Bongs

For some individuals, a bong is the main genuine approach to smoking weed. The definite fire method for forgetting about totally blasted is digging in for the long haul, and the stoner culture is difficult to envision without bongs. A bong enjoys a couple of clear upper hands over vaporizers. You don’t have to charge the batteries or ensure you have power (indeed, we know, there are additionally vaporizers that require no power, however most do). Another enormous benefit is that cleaning a bong is typically a lot more straightforward than cleaning a vaporizer, since you can’t just absorb a vaporizer high temp water or flush it with a cleaning arrangement (except if you need to annihilate it for eternity). Additionally, in spite of the fact that bongs could break assuming you drop them, there are no electrical parts that can flop out of the blue. So IF(!) you treat a bong appropriately and cautiously, it is regularly more solid. Furthermore, many bongs are a lot less expensive than vaporizers, albeit this is certainly not an extremely fair correlation since there are modest vaporizers and costly bongs too. However, in general, vaporizers are more costly than bongs.

Benefits of Vaporizers
Is it better to utilize a vaporizer rather than a bong?

The greatest and most clear benefit of a vaporizer is that there is no burning, and thusly no genuine smoke. This implies: no poisonous vapor since you’re consuming a plant, and no tar or other poo that gets into your lungs! Many individuals who need to quit smoking (cigarettes or joints) change to vaporizers to save their lungs. There is presumably about is: a vaporizer is more secure for your lungs than a bong (despite the fact that a decent bong likewise sift through numerous undesirable particles, like tar, making it a genuinely perfect method for smoking).

One more BIG benefit of vaporizers over bongs is that a vaporizers keeps your teeth much more clean, since there is no smoke included. Thus, assuming you’re sleeping subsequent to cleaning your teeth and you would rather not get your teeth grimy once more, just leave the bong to the side and endure a shot from the vaporizer! A few bongs have a unique plan that channels the smoke at least a couple of times. These bongs likewise sift through additional tar and other hurtful substances from the smoke. Percolator bongs are additionally exceptionally famous. A genuine model with incredible incentive for cash is our ‘Dark Leaf’ Straight Ice Bong with 4-Arm Percolator.

Many individuals additionally find out if a bong or vaporizer is better for wax or touches. Our response: The main genuine method for smoking concentrates is to utilize an oil bong (spot rig); yet this is 2022, and the sky is the limit! There are unique vaporizers for wax or touches, (for example, the “spot straw” or the DynaVap with DynaCoil for concentrates), yet you can likewise utilize many dry spice vaporizers to vape concentrates by utilizing vape fleece!