Stylophone Letters to Numbers

letters-to-numbers stylophone

So, you’ve just bought a Stylophone (we recommend the Stylophone Retro Pocket Synth), and you want to learn to play. The best place to start is with free stylophone tabs that you can play along with.

Stylophone tabs are usually written with the numbers that correspond to the note you want to play, but some people prefer to see the letters that represent the actual notes. Please see our helpful guide below to help you transition.

For example:

G# – B, – G#, – B, – B, – G# – F# – A# – F# – E

7.5 – 9, – 7.5, – 9, – 9, – 7.5 – 6.5 – 8.5 – 6.5 – 5

We hope this helps!!

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