What Guitar Does Sodo Use?


Sodo is a ‘Nameless Ghoul’ from Swedish band ‘Ghost’.

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What Guitar Does Sodo Use?

Sodo is renowned for using  Ed O’Brien Cream Fender Stratocasters.

Sodo, the band’s lead guitarist, occupies a distinctive role within the group, characterized not only by his musical contributions but also by his remarkable persona. Among the male ghouls, he stands as the shortest, and during the band’s rituals, he commands the front right side of the stage, a position that accentuates his prominence.

Sodo goes by various names and nicknames, embodying his multifaceted identity within the band and the endearment of fans. While his primary moniker is “Sodo,” he is also affectionately referred to as “Dewdrop” (Dew), “Stompy,” “Gremlin,” “Drew,” “Ember,” and “Fire,” underscoring the diverse dimensions of his presence within the band’s lineup.

Sodo’s appearance is a testament to his unique identity. Recognizable by his Arctic and Olympic White color schemes, his stage presence is a striking visual spectacle. He is often seen wielding Ed O’Brien Cream Fender Stratocasters with a maple neck and head, complemented by a rosewood fretboard. Observant fans may spot 1-3 of his custom white Tortex guitar picks adhered to the lower right section of his guitar body. These picks bear a golden Ghost logo on the front and a golden grucifix on the back, designed with enhanced grip for stability.

What sets Sodo apart further is his distinctive, completely white guitar, making his instrument instantly recognizable. He is the only ghoul in the ensemble who opts for Stratocaster electric guitars, contributing significantly to the band’s distinctive sound. Transitioning to Fender Stratocasters during the Pre-IMPERATOUR era was necessitated by the Schaller LockMeister Tremolo system, a crucial component for specific sections of songs in the band’s live performances.

When not in the spotlight, Sodo’s choice of attire conceals his tattoos, maintaining the enigmatic aura associated with the Nameless Ghouls. His balaclava is unique among the ghouls, covering his nose, setting him apart from the others who expose their mouths, mainly serving as backup vocalists. Notably, Rain, Mountain, and Sodo abstain from vocal duties, with Rain’s visible nose distinguishing him from the rest.

Sodo’s distinguishing feature transcends the visual as his dynamic personality takes center stage. Recognized as one of the most active and outgoing ghouls in the group, he engages in playful interactions with fans and fellow band members, often playfully teasing and engaging in mischief. Sodo’s unwavering confidence and boundless energy make him a magnetic presence on stage.

One of the notable highlights of his performances involves engaging in famous guitar duels with former ghoul Aether. These duels are not merely musical exchanges but playful and escalating interactions, showcasing their musical prowess and camaraderie.

Sodo’s dynamic stage presence is further emphasized, particularly at the conclusion of the song “Ritual.” Here, Sodo plays a single note on his guitar, creating a wailing siren-like sound, often playfully aimed at provoking Aether. Aether responds by manually stopping the sound, leading to comical and entertaining exchanges between the two ghouls.

Sodo is also known for tossing guitar picks, a signature part of his act, which adds to the band’s live performance charm. His bold and confident demeanor, both on and off stage, solidifies his position as a central figure within the band, setting him apart from other ghouls.

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