Workaround for iPod randomly pausing during play


I had the problem of my Ipod randomly pausing during play. I knew that it has the feature so that it pauses automatically if you remove your headphones, so I thought that this must be an associated problem.

After trying all the other fixes I could find on the internet, such as restarting the Ipod or even reformatting it, the problem continued. (you do not need to do this)

I thought I must have damaged the inside of the headphone jack in the Ipod, but I tried using different headphones and the problem was fixed. So I thought my headphones were slightly warped, but they work perfectly in other devices. So what is the problem? and the solution?

The WorkAround – The Fix

The problem is that there is connectivity between the headphone input jack and the outside of the Ipod case. The simple solution? I cut 2 small pieces ( to make it extra thick) of cello-tape, or sticky-tape and put them over the top of the input jack. I then poked a tiny hole with a knife and inserted my headphones. Bingo, they work perfectly

The tape insulates the jack from the Ipod. No need to buy a new MP3 player or headphones! (check out the $1million Graff Diamonds Million Dollar Beats by Dre)