What is a Borrindo?


The Borrindo, is a small musical instrument originating in Pakistan, taking the form of a hollow clay ball featuring three to four holes.

What is a Borrindo?

The primary hole at the top is notably larger than the others, while the remaining holes maintain uniform sizes, arranged in an isosceles triangular configuration. Crafted from clay readily available in the central Indus Valley, especially in Sindh, this unassuming instrument is sometimes crafted by children in the region. Skilled artisans create larger borrindos, incorporating intricate designs and firing the clay for durability. To produce musical notes, one blows across the largest hole while manipulating the smaller holes to generate specific tones.

While this wind instrument is now present in various cultures worldwide, its ancient roots trace back to the residents of ancient Sindh in India, which is present-day Pakistan, and central Indian communities. In these regions, children were known to construct and play the instrument, and it is said that people would also play it while tending to their cattle in the fields.

The Borrindo is similar to the modern day Ocarina.

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